Lapin House Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Lapin House invites you to travel around the world with its newest collection, that of Spring-Summer 2020 and explore the most wonderful, fascinating and magical places of the globe.

We begin our journey by entering a beautiful yacht and very soon we arrive at the Old Port of Saint Tropez. There, we become captains for a day, we get into our nautical chic look and we are excited for the most remarkable yacht racing to begin, the “Voile de Saint-Tropez”.

Later on, we reach the dreamy west France. We get fascinated to arrive at the coast and view the vast Atlantic Ocean, we play around on the sandy beaches and we get amazed to watch the surfers ride the largest waves.

Then, we get into a boho mood and we escape to find the most perfect beach for gathering seashells, castle-making on the sand and we dance around to celebrate that summer is finally on its way.

We continue our quest for the most extraordinary beach and chose to have a short getaway in Long Island, Hamptons. We take long walks on the sparkly sand and we watch the sunset along with the beautiful blue waves.

Reaching Sunday, we choose to visit a different scenery and we get ready for a secret escape to one of the most stunning places of Italy, that of Tuscany. There we plan a flower-picking excursion and we gather the most vibrant poppies of the fields.

Then we dream of blue waters once again and we choose to travel all the way to Hawaii and specifically to the adventurous island of Maui. We get into the tropical mood and choose to explore the vast golden beaches. We enjoy the sun, we go snorkeling and during the afternoon we choose our most vibrant clothes and gather together for whale watching.

Finally, for our final destination we visit the Victorian Arundel Castle in West Sussex, England. There, we get very excited to organize the most marvelous garden party of all time. We walk around the most beautiful fountains and ponds, we run on the grass and we get amazed by the colorful tulips.

Pastel yellow tones, mint green, navy blues and vibrant red, synthesize the color-palette of this collection. Our exclusive all-over prints and patchwork combinations together with the exclusive handmade details form our latest collection. As always, our aim is to create proposals for every occasion without sacrificing quality, style or practicality.

Finally, we would like to wish you an extraordinary and beautiful Spring and a joyful and adventurous Summer. We will be more than excited to love this new collection as much as we do, and as always it is dedicated to the most beautiful kids in the world… yours!