Lapin House Fall/Winter 2022-23 Collection

We would like to invite you to explore the world ofour latest collection of Fall/Winter 2022-23. Our journey starts in the mostbeautiful field full of winter flowers ready to bloom under the snow. Then wedecide to begin the quest for the most beautiful teddy bears in the wholeworld. As the back to school mood reaches us, we get ready to visit the mosthistoric libraries and universities dressed in our favorite tartan uniforms.

Later on, filled with excitement weare ready to explore the most amazing gardens and look for huge green chestnuttrees and feed the squirrels. Exclusive prints with tartan, flowers, checks anddifferent kinds of stripes come together to create one of our favoritecollections up to now. Shades of pink and green, vibrant red and green are someof the colors that are combined in our latest palette!

Once again, we offer a swirl ofproposals all based in high cotton fabrics with handmade details. Our main goalalways remains the same, to create pieces that are unique and will accompanychildren in their most joyful and striking moments. We really hope you enjoythis collection as much as we did!